Argentine-born artist Lucia Fainzilber (*1986) works as a photographer, as well as a director and cinematographer. Not only is her work deeply influenced by her Latin American heritage, particularly through the use of colour, but working as a colourist in post-production also left a lasting footprint on the artist. She cleverly combines techniques used in fashion and film to create carefully considered photographs, for example through factors such as location, characters, and scenography. Using her photography as a tool for visual storytelling, Fainzilber calls attention to issues surrounding identity and femininity, trimming valuable and veritable moments of life into a single frame. 


Artist Statement

“Paradise” is a convention, something unreachable - a parallel, utopic world in which perfection and beauty are superior. With this project, I want to play with the idea of subjectivity as regards paradise, or how our subjective visions can be imposed on the notion of an “ideal place”. As someone who lives abroad, my paradise is the possibility of being in more than one place at the same time. Here, I use collage as a tool to explore the boundaries of photography as a medium, with the limitations and richness of the frame as a white canvas that we fill with images and meanings. 

I also associate paradise with memory, childhood, and dreams. As children, we thought of paradise as a fantasy full of dreams. As we grow up, we become less innocent and more skeptic, but, even though a mature paradise focuses more on other ideals like professional achievements, endless love and success, this infantine idea of an ideal place is still there, somewhere. With these photographs, I aspire to bring back this incorruptibility and to reconstruct that place again; the purity of a child, coupled with my own experience. 

Nothing here is random: The images you see were pre-composed in my head, then translated into a frame to create multifaceted stories about the place(s) we call paradise. 

Ruby Island, 2013
Inkjet on archival paper
80 x 110 cm

Sea of Love, 2013
Inkjet on archival paper
80 x 110 cm

The Beach, 2013
Inkjet on archival paper
80 x 110 cm

The Kingdom, 2013
Inkjet on archival paper 
80 x 110 cm

Necropolis, 2013
Inkjet print on archival paper
80 x 110 cm

Tickets to Paradise, 2013
Inkjet on archival paper
80 x 110 cm

The Beach II, 2013
Inkjet print on archival paper
80 x 110 cm

The Garden, 2013
Inkjet print on archival paper
80 x 110 cm



One-Year Certificate Program | International Center of Photography, New York, USA

Colourist in postproduction | Visual Mastering Studio, New York, USA 

Art Direction in Filmmaking  | The University of Cine in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Costume Making Design for Theatre workshops  |  Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Barcelona Biennale of Photography, Barcelona, Spain
Bronze Medal in the Prix de la Photographie Paris, Paris, France

Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards, Los Angeles, USA

Paris Photo, Paris, France
First Prize, International Fine Art Photography Awards, Los Angeles, USA
"Angry Woman", Untitled Space, New York, USA
"The Dress Code", Argentine Consulate in New York, USA

"Wild Flowers", Praxis Art Gallery, Essen, Germany 
"And Spring Again", Argentine Embassy, Washington DC, USA
Group Show, LA Art Show, Los Angeles, USA
Group Show, London Art Fair, London, England

Group Show, Praxis Gallery, Art Miami, Miami, USA
"Somewear", Praxis Gallery, New York, USA


Gericke + Paffrath Gallery

Bilker Strasse 3

40213 Düsseldorf

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