Prior to becoming a photographer in 2007, German-born Armin Morbach (*1971) began his career as a hair and make-up artist for international photo productions. Among the icons that the now famed photographer worked with are Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Brian Adams. 

Whether it's a model wrapped like a mummy or a trash assemblage in Hamburg, Morbach's photographs are eye-catching and extraordinary. Thanks to his distinctive style,  Morbach has, in just a short span of time, attained international recognition. Amongst other achievements, his oeuvre is housed at the F. C. Gundlach collection in Hamburg and in 2012 his works were part of a state of the art photography exhibition at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf. Morbach's newly published book "Irony" gives an overview of his artistic trajectory, offering us glimpses into ten years of photographic excellence. 

Blue Frame, 2014
160 x 120 cm
Mummy Sitting, 2014
160 x 120 cm 
Flower Eye in Plastic Hair, 2015
160 x 120cm 
Babuschka, 2014
160 x 120 cm 
Cat, 2017 
160 x 120 cm 
Triple on The Beach, 2018
160 x 120 cm 
Squeezed into Foam, 2016
100 x 75 cm 
Invisible, 2014
160 x 120 cm 
Egg on Legs, 2011
160 x 120 cm 
Ufo, 2019
160 x 120 cm 
Behind Feathers, 2012
160 x 120 cm
Face in Carton, 2015
160 x 120 cm


For 25 years, Armin Morbach has been shaping our universal understanding of beauty with his unique visual aesthetic. Thanks to his sensitive flair and interdisciplinary mindset, Morbach has succeeded in visually applying his creative input onto the human subject, as well as on paper in various distinctive fields.

Morbach not only also owns the artist agency Ballsaal Artist Management and the production company HOWtoDo Production, but he is also a make-up artist for international photo productions, a hair expert, and an overall fashion visionary. Together with icons like Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Brian Adams, Morbach has forged groundbreaking, modern images of women.

Driven by the desire to improve his artistic expression, as well as by a longing to perfect both his visual representation and language, Morbach picked up the camera for the first time in 2007. Today, he holds an impressive, extensive portfolio that fascinates around the globe. 

As publisher and chief editor of the beauty magazine TUSH, Morbach presents fashion, beauty, and culture in a distinctive way, namely, one that puts emphasis on contemporary societal issues like sustainability. Put differently, position rather than pose is what drives Morbach: His conceptual aesthetics — a play with exaggerations, where nothing is left to chance — surprises as much as it provokes. The depiction of an idealized gender image is not his cup of tea; in fact, it bores him. Instead, the photographer creates unconventional works of art that deliberately forego fashion and beauty clichés.

In addition to TUSH, Morbach works for various fashion magazines, editorial clients and advertisers. He also organizes art and gallery projects in his very own photo studio, Gleis 7, in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. 

"IRONY", Morbach’s first published book, was released in late 2017. Compiling ten years of photographic creation into a singular output, "IRONY" offers an array of insights into the artist’s very own view on beauty and fashion, topped off with a good dose of humour.



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“Position before Pose”, 206 Gallery Berlin, Germany
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