An individual and idiosyncratic, yet quality-conscious selection of art based on two pillars: Contemporary Latin American art and international modern photography. 

Founded by Ariane Schneider-Paffrath and Claudia Gericke in 2016, Gericke + Paffrath Gallery is dedicated to achieving the twofold aim of, firstly, making the vibrant contemporary Latin American art scene known in Europe and, secondly, providing a platform for timeless modern photography in an age of ephemeral digital imagery. 

Through liaison with dynamic artistic voices represented at Maco Art Fair, ARTBO, Arco and other significant art fairs around the world, Gericke + Paffrath Gallery has built a roster of exceptional artists from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic - just to name a few. Their practices range from contemporary figurative painting to Conceptualism and Surrealism, as well as Op Art and Abstract painting. 

Since 2018, Gericke + Paffrath Gallery has widened its scope to also include modern and contemporary photography. This conceptual extension came in response to our increasingly digitized world in which the art of photography has arguably taken a back seat. Even though photography's sphere of influence has reached a point of no return, no other medium is so intertwined with the all-embracing and homogenizing nature of the online realm. To re-establish photography as more than mere reality reproduction, Gericke + Paffrath Gallery now also devotes itself to showcasing one-of-a-kind photography that sets itself apart from everyday aesthetics; it stands out as an iconic shaper of our modern times and that is precisely the point. 

Gericke + Paffrath Gallery

Bilker Strasse 3

40213 Düsseldorf

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